Andi Flax - Cavern of the Heart (Digital Download)


Andi Flax - Cavern of the Heart (Digital Download)


‘Cavern of the Heart’ is the debut album of singer-songwriter Andi Flax. The album was produced as part of Andi’s mission to convey the power of the human voice ~ not just hers but everyone’s – to heal, transform and express our heart’s truth. Produced in collaboration with GuruSangat Singh of Miracle Mantra Studios, the album provides a musical journey to the self, encouraging the listener to find the note that is unique to each of us. The songs within  ‘Cavern of the Heart’ are expressed through a range of world music rhythms, weaving English language in amidst traditional Kundalini chants (sung in Gurmukhi). Instruments called upon are diverse, including guitar, cahon, tabla and harp- However, the human voice is the main instrument and the melodies have been arranged by Andi and her team to support the voice’s power. Some of the songs aid in quiet meditation, others are perfect for listening, relaxing and singing along. The result is a collection of uniquely inspiring, profoundly uplifting music designed to serve as a soundtrack to each listener’s own personal movie and discovery of their own heart and voice.  Andi’s personal message to each listener: 

“Life is a symphony, and everything in the known universe is vibrating at its own unique frequency, including you! Your body is a highly sophisticated instrument through which the music of the heart can be expressed. We all have a unique song to sing, and it is up to each of us to sing it. Your voice is your greatest power and it's already yours to share right now. Let this music be yours.”

Track Listing:

  1. Chattr Chakkr Vartee

  2. Adi Shakti

  3. I Am The Light Of My Soul

  4. Ardas Bhaee

  5. Guru Ram Das

  6. Ong Namo

  7. Shine

  8. Long Time Sun

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